Zero Waste

I am usually inspired by my customers, but theres one customer in particular, Aubrey, who is so off the charts rad, she inspires at least one customer of mine every time she stops by my booth on Sunday mornings.   She pulls up to the booth with a kid-less stroller, cloth bags and glass bottles properly placed.  She pulls out a tupperware and hands it over.  I then take the poppy loaf out of my tupperware and place it in hers.  She then carefully, as not to touch any others, picks up three brownies and sticks them in there with the loaf.  

The first time Audrey stopped at my booth I was amazed, fully amazed.  She seemed so organized and eco-friendly that I could only imagine she drives an electric car or a bicycle that powers a blender that can make a smoothie.   She brought out the container she said she's had since her days in college.  She could see that myself and my customers were in awe of how together she seemed that she said she's as close to zero waste as she can get and we can visit her website to read about her journey.  Recap, she has a blog/website, is a well respected lawyer, drives an electric car ( I assume) has more than two kids, is fit, brings her own bags and tupperware to the market/is beyond eco friendly.    

From that day on, at least 5 of my regulars have brought their own containers to the farmers market on Sunday.  Sorry to over praise, but she's a dream!  

Take away, use reusables whenever you can, market, ice cream shop, coffee shop etc.!

Here is Aubrey’s website if you're interested in enlightening yourself